it telkom purwokerto

  1. Management

IT Telkom is led by the Rector and assisted by three Vice Rectors. Vice Rector I is in charge of conducting academic and research affairs. Vice Rector II is in charge of resources comprising financial, logistics, human resources and IT Support. Vice Rector III is in charge of marketing, student affairs and CDC.

2.      The Academic SenateThe Institute Senate is the normative body and the highest representative body within the Institute. The Senate Institute is chaired by the Rector and its members are Vice Rectors, Deans and representatives of lecturers.The Senate is responsible for formulating the Institute’s internal fundamental policies and its function is to provide direction, arrangement, development, assessment and consideration to the Rector.

3.      Academic OrganizersThe Academic Organizers are those assisting Management in academic affairs with the main responsibility for organizing the Tri Dharma. The Academic Organizers consist of Faculty, Faculty Senate, Study Program, Vice Dean and Laboratory. IT TELKOM Purwokerto sets 2 Faculties, namely Faculty of Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering comprising bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Diploma of Telecommunication Engineering, and Faculty of Industrial Technology and Informatics comprising Bachelor of Informatics, Bachelor of Information System, Bachelor of Software Engineering, Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Bachelor of Visual Communication Design.

4.      Administrative OrganizersAdministrative Organizers are those representing Management in administration division and responsible for the head of each division.

A.    Division of Management Secretariat, Legal and Partnership

This division is responsible for providing the support of the Management Secretariat and institution, managing the functions of Public Relation and protocol, external and internal communications, managing aspects of law and administration of engagement; managing, organizing, and documenting the activities of Management and institution.

B.   Division of Quality Assurance & Internal Audit

This division functions to manage the activities of planning, implementation and development of education and institutional quality system and Internal Audit.

C.  Field I: Academic Administration and Research, is in charge of

Doing Academic Administration

Doing Laboratory Administration;

Doing Library Administration

Doing Administration of Research and Community Service

D.  Field II: Resources and IT Support, is in charge of

Doing Financial Administration;

Doing Administration of Human Resources;

Doing Logistics Administration

Doing Administration of Information System;

E.  Field III: Student, Alumni, & Marketing, is in charge of

Doing Administration of CDC and Student Affairs;

Doing Marketing Administration

Doing Entrepreneurship Administration

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