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One morning, the sun was covered with clouds mixed with drizzle when we left for this tourist village. The name is Gerduren Village, Purwojati District, Banyumas Regency. Heading to this village from Purwokerto via the Tanjung intersection to the south. Until Margasana, turn right past Gentawangi Village. Typical rural access road, a bit narrow but enough to pass by. Most of the paved roads are smooth but there are some potholes, but this didn’t really hinder our journey.

Our destination is DTW (Tourist Attraction) Bukit Pertapan Gerduren. The travel time from Purwokerto is approximately one hour. We left at 6:45 a.m. to the location at 7:45 a.m. Arriving at the location, we were warmly welcomed by Pak Suyanto, the head of the Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Group) of Gerduren Village, and friends of Pokdarwis Gerduren activists. Coffee and mendoan are our welcome dishes, which we enjoy in a natural gazebo, under the shade of the trees.

This visit, I was with a Hasher, to be precise the Run Master Purwokerto Hash House Harriers. His name is Agin Suharso, also a Youtuber with the channel name according to his name. Complete equipment including drones that are ready to fly. The results of this visit to Gerduren Tourism Village can also be watched on Mas Agin’s Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g9olBbsHDA&t=38sAlso on my channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjFi_eNAc_w&t=9s.

To this Gerduren Tourism Village, we have two missions, first to give enthusiasm to Pokdrwis activists as well as to share experiences about the management and development of tourism villages. The second mission is to survey the hash house harriers, aka hiking routes. More about what ish house harriers is on this link https://s.id/wIw1J. Mas Agin Suharso in the hash community is a Hare, a person whose job is to provide a guide or guide when running.

Usually the guide is in the form of mini-sized pieces of paper, which are sprinkled on the tracking path. He is also at the same time a Run Master, whose job is to prepare the run location every week. I am also a hash activist, even as a Hash Master who leads the oldest hash community in Purwokerto, namely Wijayakusuma Hash House Harriers, founded in 1994.

Our first activity is to go up to Bukit Pertapan. It seems that a lot has been developed. There are several points for selfies. The unique thing is that each of these selfies is given a name. The name of one of these selfies is Sampan Angin. From here we can see the surrounding rural areas, and can even see other hills such as Cirahab, Slaka Hill, and Gunung Putri near Ajibarang. In this place we took a lot of fun because the view was really good, while chatting about the development of this area. Mr. Yanto also asked me for suggestions for the names of the selfies that have not yet been named. I give advice on using the names of famous Javanese songs with romantic nuances.