Research & Technology


Has a strong commitment to make research as one of the spearheads in realizing the ITTP vision.

Telkom Purwokerto Institute of Technology (ITTP) conducts various research and research collaborations to realize the ITTP vision which focuses on developing information technology-based science in the fields of Healthcare, Agro-Industry, Tourism, and Small Medium Enterprise (HATS).

In developing research, ITTP is under the auspices of the Institute for Research & Community Service (LPPM) which is tasked with coordinating and managing strategies and policies for planning, implementing and evaluating LPPM work programs which include research activities, community service, and publications.


The Research Master Plan (RIP) of the Telkom Purwokerto Institute of Technology was implemented as part of the overall IT Telkom Purwokerto strategic plan and became the basis for planning research activities. The strategic program of RIP IT Telkom Purwokerto is outlined in a superior research plan which consists of several research fields and is arranged top-down based on the direction of national policies and adjusted to the resources owned by IT Telkom Purwokerto. The implementation of the leading research fields that have been formulated for the top-down implementation of research topics are compiled three research schemes, as follows:

  1. Basic Research, a scheme for research that is still at the stage of study, mapping, identification that has not yet produced a design (model) or product that can be implemented.
  2. Development Research and Applied Research, is a research category that aims to produce a design, prototype, model and product on a laboratory scale that is ready to be developed with industry.
  3. Industrial Cooperation Research, is a continuation of applied research, where designs, prototypes, and products are developed together with industry. Especially regarding the development to a factory scale along with the necessary technical and economic optimization.


Providing services for the general public and internal campuses in the development of innovation and startup business


Egrotek is one of the Leading Innovations owned by the ITTP campus. Egrotek is a new solution in controlling humidity in kumbung mushrooms. This device combines the automation of Nozzle Sprayer and Internet of Things technology so that humidity can be monitored in real time remotely and the Nozle Sprayer pump is controlled from the Cloud (internet).


Pak Budi

Pak Budi is the first educational consultation chat application in Indonesia for school students based on the results of aptitude interest tests, practice questions and the rationalization of their scores. Through the application, Pak Budi can chat educational consultations with psychologists / teachers / etc., anywhere and anytime.


Daaycomm Tech

Daaycommtech is a monitoring technology applied to motorized vehicle engines. Its function is to determine the prime condition of the vehicle engine. This can be seen in terms of horse power, ignition (engine rpm), torque, wheel rpm, air fuel ratio or fuel consumption.


ITTP Community Service

Various community service development programs involving lecturers, students, and the general public.


ITTP community service programs include training, workshops, and consultations. This program aims to provide understanding to the community in taking advantage of technological advances so that people are better prepared to face changes in the digital era.

Assisted Village

The Assisted Village is a community development program by providing education to rural communities in optimizing existing resources (humans, technology, nature). The fostered village programs include assistance in Tourism Villages, Digital Villages as well as Creative Industries and MSMEs.