Starting 2018 with Launching Hash House Harriers of IT Telkom and Signing Unit Management Contract 2018

PURWOKERTO – For the first time IT Telkom Purwokerto held Hash House Harriers activity which was held on Sunday, January 7, 2018 by taking the route area of ​​Kalipagu Sub Village, Ketenger Village, Baturraden. This first event of the Hash House Harriers was also the launching of Hash House Harriers establishment of IT Telkom by the Rector of IT Telkom, Dr. Ali Rokhman, M.Si.  “Hash House Harriers is a relaxing sport activity by walking up and down the hill and has benefits not only for good health but also for eliminating tiredness by seeing beautiful scenery as well as being able to breathe the cool air of nature” said Rector. Hash House Harriers IT Telkom yesterday was attended by 55 participants from the academic community of IT Telkom.

On the occasion, the Rector, the Vice Rectors, the Deans, Quality Assurance System (SPM) and Partnership signed Unit Management Contract 2018 after the event was over.

Ali Rokhman also added, “Hash House Harriers of IT Telkom will be held once a month and the participants are not only from internal, but also from external like IT Telkom partners.”


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