Students of the Internship Program Enlivened Korean Festival at Adiluhur Reptile Park, Kebumen

KEBUMEN – As one of the activities of Korean Internship at Telkom Institute of Technology, on Sunday, January 21, 2018 two Korean students, Lee Yee Jin and Clara joined Korean Festival Kebumen 2018 as the guestsstars at Adiluhur Reptile Park (TARA), Kebumen which is located in a tourism village namely English Tourism Village of Kebumen (KWIK) which is located in Adimulyo Subdistrict. The event was successful because it was attented by many participants, especially Korean fans who are usually called as K-Pop. The activity was followed by at least 300 participants from inside Kebumen and outside Kebumen. Even, there were some participants who came from Yogyakarta and Ciamis. The event was interesting because the event entitled ‘Korea Kebumen Festival 2018’ was the first time held in Kebumen and it could be called as a unique event because it was held in the tourism village.

There were many activities at Korean Festival Kebumen 2018 such as watching Korean movies, sharing about Korean culture like wearing Korean traditional clothes- Hanbok, cooking tteokbokki (Korean food), Korean karaoke contest and Korean dance cover. “I am very happy joining this Korean Festival because I love to learn Korean culture. Moreover, there are Korean girls directly who come here and we can directly chat with them “, said Amira, one of the participants who came from Kutoarjo.

This activity is the first activity performed by Korean students in the Korean Internship program until February 9th. CEO of Adiluhur Reptile Park (TARA) and English Tourism Village of Kebumen (KWIK) who also becomes English Lecturer at IT Telkom Purwokerto, Novanda Alim Setya Nugraha, SS, M. Hum or familiarly called as Mister Vanda said “Sharing Korean culture is very fun and the visitors are also very enthusiastic. He added that this Korean Festival will also be an annual event of Tourism Event Calendar of Kebumen. Moreover, The Department of Youth, Sport, and Tourism of Kebumen Regency  also supported the event as a media to promote the richness of Kebumen tourism especially for the foreigners who has such program for sharing their knowledge and culture in Kebumen.”



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